What do I need to know to obtain a silencer quote?

  1. Allowable pressure drop for the silencer.
  2. Flow Rate in ACFM
  3. Flow temperature
  4. Flow media mole weight (M.W.)
  5. Connection size
  6. Silencer (PDF) Pressure Drop Factor


What do I do?

  1. Calculate sq. foot area based on recommended velocity limit, Formula 1.
  2. Select nozzle size in inches based on square feet required, see nozzle area chart.
  3. Calculate actual flow velocity in FPM, Formula 2.
  4. Calculate actual pressure drop, Formula 3.
  5. Optimize pressure drop and size selection.
Industry D.I.L.
Industrial 10
Commercial 20
Residential 25
Hospital / Critical 30

Silencer performance grades are based on dynamic insertion loss.

There are no national or international codes that govern the design, application, or fabrication of Industrial Silencers. Frequently silencer performance can be misinterpreted if not defined by a specific "Dynamic Insertion Loss," not industry grade.

Typical Industry Grade Classes are:

Silencer Performance Grades​