Receiving Inspection

Upon receipt of the unit(s), check the nameplate against the packing list to verify the correct part numbers are received.  Keep the shipping container to protect the unit(s) until installation.  Prior to unpacking, check for shipping damage.  In the event of shipping damage, notify VANEC within three business days.


Leave any cardboard boxing, plywood covering, crafting, and/or plastic covering intact until(s) ready to install. Be sure that all openings are closed so that no debris, vermin, rain, snow, and/or ice can get into the unit(s). Store unit(s) on blocks, a minimum of 4’ high, so that air can freely circulate around unit(s). Do not store unit(s) in contact with the ground or in a wet or flooded area. Indoor ambient temperature storage is preferable, especially for a unit(s) with internal absorptive material. If this is not possible, keep the unit(s) covered and protected from the weather.

Inspection and Maintenance

Components are either complete weldments or permanently assembled, having no replaceable parts. Periodically inspect paint finish for damage or deterioration. NOTE: Minor localized damage, such as scratches, may be repaired using touch up paint. Areas with extensive damage or deterioration may require spot blasting and recoating. Consult paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Examine connecting flanges and support/anchor bolting at least annually. Re-tighten loose nuts as required. Clean unit(s) prior to installation. Remove any minor corrosion and refinish per paint manufacturer’s recommendations. If major corrosion has occurred such that the integrity of the unit(s) is in question, contact VANEC.

Mounting and Alignment

Insure that the necessary equipment to install the unit, including anchor and/or support bolts, flange bolts, and expansion joints, are available from the beginning. Anchor and/or support bolting and grouting is not included with the unit(s). Place the unit(s) on a level, structurally adequate surface.

IMPORTANT: The unit(s) is not designed to serve as a support for any piping, additional mounting pads or additional loads on the inlet or outlet other than those stated in the VANEC drawing or product bulletin.

Align the unit(s) with the engine and/or piping connections. Mount the unit(s) securely to the foundation. To reduce the likelihood of the vibration or thermal induced damage to the unit(s) we recommend that you install a suitable expansion joint between the unit(s) and the engine. Use thread lubricant on all bolted joints. Use all gaskets provided with the unit(s). If you replace or add bolts or gaskets, use the same size and material as the originals. Ensure that the unit(s) is firmly mounted immediately prior to startup of the equipment, and again 24 hours after startup to verify that unit(s) has not vibrated loose from the foundation or support.

Spare Parts
VANEC silencers are all welded construction; spare parts are not required or available.