VANEC Specializes in retrofits and upgrades for gas turbines up to 16,000 HP for gas compression applications, including:

  • Solar Saturn
  • Solar Centaur 50
  • Solar Taurus 60
  • Solar Taurus 70
  • Solar Mars 100
  • Dresser-Clark DC-990
  • Allison 501                  

Silencer performance grades should be based on Dynamic Insertion Loss (D.I.L.), expressed in decibels, a measure of how much noise is reduced (removed) when the silencer is installed, versus unsilenced noise.  There are no national or international codes that govern the design, application, fabrication, or performance of Industrial Silencers.  Silencer performance can be misinterpreted if defined by a verbal description instead of a specific "Dynamic Insertion Loss".   

Gas Turbine exhaust silencers