Product Information
Engine Intake Silencers are designed for use in suppressing the intake noise from high speed blowers, fans, engines and centrifugal air handling devices with an atmospheric suction.  VANEC offers models capable of suppressing noise to a community located as close as 400 ft from the intake opening.  We also offer models that reduce noise to an acceptable level at 800 ft or 1600 ft from the source. Avialable models: 316, 317, 321

Engine Exhaust Silencers are designed for use in suppressing the exhaust noice of any internal combustion engine as well as a variety of rotary blowers and vacuum pumps.  Available models:121, 131, 141

Recommended Operating Velocity Limits:   

Engine SIlencers​


Installation of a VANEC multi-stage exhaust silencer for low-speed 2-cycle engine

VANEC diesel engine exhaust silencers installed at a power plant

Silencer Sizing and Selection
VANEC recommended flow velocity limits on intake and exhaust are listed, and are based on our years of experience. Optimum performance is achieved by restricting the sizing to this narrow range.

More About Engine Air Intake and Exhaust Noise

All internal combustion engines have high unsilenced noise levels that are broad band in nature but many have dominant frequencies based on the firing order, and engine cycle (2 vs 4) 2-cycle engines are normally

Model Grade Nominal Overall D.I.L
111 Industrial 10 dB
121 Industrial 20 dB
131 Industrial 25 dB
136 Residential 25-30 dB
141 Hospital 30-35 dB
142 Hospital 35 dB
144 Critical 45 dB
154 Critical 50 dB

Dynamic Insertion Loss (D.I.L.) / Grade

Model Pressure Drop Factors
111 4.4
121 4.4
131 4.4
132 4.5
136 1.25
141 5.5
142 5.5
144 5.5
154 5.5

Pressure Drop Factors (PDF)

Low speed (< 350 RPM) 4000 to 7000 FPM
Medium speed (350 to 1200 RPM) 6000 to 9000 FPM
High speed (> 1200 RPM) 8000 to 10,000 FPM
Turbo charged (All RPM’s) 5000 to 10,000 FPM
Max. allowable 12,000 FPM

Discharge Exhaust

4-cycle 4000 to 6000 FPM
2-cycle 4000 to 6000 FPM